Please look over the images below which represent many of the models. Locating a stove model closely resembling the one you have questions about will help us determine your requests more quickly.

If you need parts, service, chrome, or porcelain work done, contact us with your questions and pricing estimates.

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model : 1432-249g

model : 863-149akg

model : 433-349akxe

model: 833-349akwg

model : 868-146kg

model : 723-109g

model : 843-149akgw

model : 732-106g

model : 843-249akgoe

model : 848-346kwt

model : 868-206g

model : 762-109g

model : 838-346kxe

model : 849-246kgoe

model : 838-149kg

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